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The moment we are experiencing is unparalleled in our history. We are living in a pandemic context, which has evolved rapidly and on a global scale and has therefore impacted our lives, personally and professionally.

We seize this communication, to give all our stakeholders an updated note, that regarding the evolution of the pandemic context caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, having led for example Portugal and Spain to decree the State of Emergency, Frulact has been reinforcing its measures, with the same sense of mission and priorities that we communicate to you in advance.

Regarding the above, and following the last statement, dated from March 13th 2020, we hereby highlight the following measures implemented:

  1. Update of the Contingency Plan, applied in all units, taking into account the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the local Health Authorities;
  2. The performance of telework support functions, ensuring the maintenance of the operational levels by the different teams;
  3. The measurement of body temperature, applied in all units;
  4. We reinforce social distance measures between drivers and our employees in the logistics area in loading and unloading materials;

It was with the correct articulation and support from our suppliers, together with an unsurpassed response from our employees, that we have been able to keep all our units working normally during the recent weeks.

We also know that it will be necessary to face this challenge with responsibility and mission spirit, facing with courage these next weeks that are even more difficult.

We are sure that the entire food chain will continue to excel in collaboration, dedication, mutual help and overcoming these adversities, contributing to the fulfillment of the mission of our sector.

According to the visibility, at the time of this communication, we do not foresee any constraints to the normal functioning of our operations and supply to our customers.

We will continue to closely monitor the evolution of the situation, closely monitor the various restrictions imposed by governments in the different geographies in which we operate or depend, and reinforce measures whenever justified, to minimize the impact that these may bring to the food chain.

This is an ever-changing situation, and we will continue to maintain transparent and fluid communication with our customers and key partners through the usual channels.

Maia, Portugal – March 23, 2020