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Did you know?

Did you know that…?


At Frulact we’re committed to turn the food industry insights into food-for-thought.

Here are three byte-sized, actionable ideas to brighten up your day:


… As the market reaches saturation in Western Europe, emerging markets are becoming more interesting, where middle class millennials represent a big untapped and protein-friendly

consumer base.

Euromonitor estimates that if only 10% of the 720 million consumers aged 18-35 in India and China alone spent 5$ on a high protein snack product in 2015, sales would reach US$ 360 million. And with increasing numbers of young Indian and Chinese people travelling and studying abroad and picking up Western food trends, this consumer base will be increasingly receptive.


… According to Mintel, “we’re seeing more consumers entering the sports nutrition category”.

For many consumers, consuming sports nutrition products is a shortcut to keeping up with an active lifestyle, and many brands are catering to this by embedding features once reserved for specialty sport products into everyday items, such as high protein cereals and beverages.


…Approximately 90% of consumers said they purchased/consumed dairy milk, but approximately half of them also purchased/consumed non-dairy milk.


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