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Who we are

FRULACT is a business group, established in 1987, positioned as a top-ranked innovative company in the supply of added value ingredients for the food & beverage industry, namely fruit & vegetables preps for dairy, ice-cream, desserts, beverages and plant-based alternatives.

From the classic and typical to the most exotic combinations, we have the knowledge and experience to create customized and innovative products to serve our customers’ needs.

The Group has a global presence across three continents, with eight factories in five countries (Portugal, Morocco, France, South Africa and Canada), and it is ranked among the world’s top five companies in its business.

Our Vision

At Frulact, we have ambitious plans for our future growth, development and sustainability.

Therefore, our strategic course set in 2015 remains at the heart of our business strategy. By 2020, we are seeking to:

Be recognized as the most innovative company in our business’

Grow our operations at a global scale’

Reach the TOP 3 players in our business’


Frulact is a business organization committed to the fundamental values and principles of sustainable development.
Creating a sustainable Frulact involves transforming the entire value chain from raw material supply to product development, operations, sales and marketing. We believe in our sustainability because it is based on win-win partnerships which we establish with our stakeholders.

Our Innovating for Sustainability strategy is based on the following pillars:


We treasure what Nature creates, by selecting management policies that reduce our environmental footprint across the value-chain.
We promote the continuous control of water and energy consumption, securing its efficient and appropriate use.
We set ambitious targets on reducing CO2 emissions and carbon footprint.
We assume waste can be reintegrated in the economy as a resource.
We do our utmost to preserve Nature and all natural resources.


Frulact is pursuing economic sustainability by managing risk, improving returns on capital and driving growth, in ways that generate profitability and value-sharing with our stakeholders, so that a responsible and beneficial balance can be achieved on the long-term.
Our strategy is built and supported on New Knowledge, Technology and Product Development & Innovation. This is a mandatory leverage to stimulate the group´s growth as a global company.


Being global brings clear strategic benefits: the ability to access and incorporate diversity.
Established in 5 different countries, Frulact contributes positively to sustainable development in the communities with whom and where the Group is active.
We incorporate and respect the culture, habits and customs in different geographies. Complementary to our core business, we support local and national organizations to improve quality of life and environment, with emphasis on education and human solidarity.
We pursue the clear and non-negotiable objective of producing safe and healthy ingredients, with the best nutritional values raw materials can offer.