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At Frulact we are already working towards the commoditization of the IoT (Internet of Things) and its resulting benefits.

Our operational management processes are fully supported by software, guaranteeing that vital information throughout the chain – like the complete traceability of raw materials and products – is readily available.

We are also equipping our productive equipment and packaging in order to make them “able to communicate” autonomously with each other, and with users and operators.

Among other Frulact Industry 4.0 projects, we highlight:

Project UNUM

The complete automation of our production lines to make them able to make real-time “decisions” about the thermal treatment to apply to each product according to its characteristics.

Project Aeranthos

The sensorization of packages in order to monitor and record pressure and temperature data. At the same, it will allow the packages/products to communicate autonomously and proactively with the production lines, WMS and QMS of Frulact. Our sensors use open technologies (BLE) to allow future communication with our clients´ management systems.

We believe the future is bright.
Contact us to know more about the possibilities.