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We are looking for talent! Apply to the available positions.

Headquarters & FRUTECH RDI centre

    Main activities:  


    • - Daily analysis of MP's and ME's purchasing needssupported by MRP system;  

    • - Issuance and sending of purchase orders to suppliers;  

    • - Update the delivery plan map according to order confirmation received from suppliers;  

    • - Articulate with the Purchasing Manager the readjustment of purchase contracts;  

    • - Proactivity to suggest and implement improvement actions to create value in stock management.  


    Technical skills:  


    • - Computer skills from the user's perspective, in particular Microsoft Excel and Word;  

    • - Knowledge of English (level B: independent user) and French (preferential factor);  

    • - Expertise in MRP Systems; 

    • - Minimum compulsory education;   

    • - Minimum professional experience of 2 years. 


    Personal skills:  


    • - Resilient, Dynamic and Agile in problem solving;  

    • - Team spirit, Proactive and Multi-purpose;  

    • - Responsible and Organized;     


    Advantages of working with us: 


    • - Dynamic and multicultural teams;  

    • - Continuous training and learning;  

    • - Potential for personal and professional development. 

Frulact Tortosendo
  • Professional Internship - Industrial Management Department of Frulact Group


    Tasks to carry out:



    • - Assist in the planning of production processes;

    • - Monitor KPIs and identify aspects in need of intervention with analysis and improvement plans.

    • - Support factory teams in the implementation of plans.

    • - Support in the elaboration, updating and maintenance of the factory procedures so that he or she can not only suggest value-adding improvements, but also implement them by providing training to teams on the factory floor;

    • - Develop feasibility studies and applicability of new projects;

    • - Always have in mind the importance of mass balance of operations, as well as permanent and semi-annual inventories, analyze deviations and propose improvements.

    • - To have as his or her main objective, in all scope of action, the optimization of costs and waste reduction.

    • - Develop Continuous Improvement Dynamics and technological adaptation



    Objectives to be achieved:


    • - Monitor and promote the continuous improvement of processes and technology;

    • - Develop a high organizational capacity of tasks and proposals

    • - Problem Solving and ability to build solutions in interpersonal and departmental alignment;

    • - Promote a healthy work environment and team spirit; Facilitate interpersonal relationships with internal and external parties;

    • - Adapt to the company's technical and organizational innovations.



    Required Personal Skills:


    • - Team spirit, being proactive and multi-purpose

    • - Academic qualifications at the undergraduate level with the master's degree being a distinguishing factor

    • - Be responsible, organized, diligent and objective



    Other Conditions:


    • - Be eligible for IEFP internship

    • - Proficiency in English and / or French



    Frulact Will Provide:


    • - Dynamic, international and challenging work and learning environment

    • - Possibility of integration in the board at the end of the Internship

Frulact South Africa
    Main Responsabilities:


    · It should adopt professional and assertive posture with all the plant’s employees, being able to work with multidisciplinary teams to guarantee optimizations in the production process, correct problem solving and the development of strategies that can translate into cost reductions and / or gains in competitivenes;

    · Control and verification / validation of the manufacturing process data: lines, temperatures, pressures, cleaning, sterilization    and filling;

    · Monitorization of planned and unplanned interventions to the production lines together with the Maintenance staff;

    · Coordinate actions of process and costs improvement;

    · Analysis of the customer´s returned product involving containers opening, together with Quality Control;

    · Validation of the packaging self-control records, cip, fruits and micro ingredients;

    ·  Analysis of the records / data of the metal detector, quantification and treatment of rejected products;

    ·  Raw materials validation, temperatures, and the flows of the Industrial tests – showing a proactive attitude towards DPI, to understand if the Industrial tests are meeting the required quality requirements and are being performed at the most efficient way possible;

    ·  Participation in continuous improvement projects, automation lines and other equipment;

    ·  Organize the production archive;

    ·  Check, analyse and close the production orders;

    ·  Confirm computerized and raw materials quantities as referred to the production orders;

    ·  Make sure that the production documents are being filled properly;

    ·  Prepare and analyse the industrial report

    ·  Confirm, using the production documents, the corrections and write off the used raw materials;

    ·  Confirm the containers packed per Production Order

    ·  Confirm Reprocessable launched with those described in the reports sent by Production to Logistics

    ·  Write off the quantities of raw materials in short supply and the quantities of used Reprocessable

    ·  Launch internal requests

    ·  Launch destruction forms

    ·  Verifying the Factory closing check-list

    ·  Keeping the workstation clean, sanitized, and organized,

    ·  Knowledge of PPRO'S and PPR'S;

    ·  Planning Preparation / Fruits Registration from