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Frulact is recognized as an innovation agent specialized in the development, industrial manufacturing and supply of value added ingredients to food industry. Everything we achieve is the result of our people’s effort and hard work. That’s why we invest in our talent and look to attract, improve and maintain unique and diverse working profiles. We call our people, the Frulacteans.

Critical and Innovative Thinking

Frulacteans have an irreverent spirit, a creative and innovative way of thinking that challenges the status quo and fosters change. Generate and develop new ideas, using them to create, improve or develop new and better products, services, processes, and operations in order to add value both to Frulact Group and our Customers. Faces business with an open mind and reveals a willingness to challenge existing methods, in order to get better results for the company. Our People is the engine of our customers’ business development, by analyzing the market in order to anticipate trends and suggest new solutions.


Passionately dedicated to Frulact, always showing, in all behaviors and contexts, a high sense of loyalty and commitment. Frulacteans identify and share the culture and tradition, reveal a constructive and proud mind set about belonging to the team and to Frulact, act in accordance with the Group´s principles and values. Feel like a part of the Frulact Family. Act with integrity and honesty, in order to strengthen the building of trustworthy relationships with all parties. Our People manage and respect cultural diversity.


Frulacteans aim to achieving relevant and excellence results and has the necessary energy to go beyond. Have the ability to overcome, always wishing to be the best, in order to contribute to Frulact´s results. Do more and do better with the least amount of resources and costs possible, ensuring Frulact´s competitiveness and its customers’ satisfaction. Our People is efficient to ensure the sustainable growth of the company, adjusting the internal structure to the needs and expectations of our customers. Completes complex objectives and strives for the continuous improvement and quality of everything we do.


Frulacteans act according to quality standards and defined demands, being accurate and precise in the execution of each task. Ensure that everything we do, in our activity, is done with a care for perfection. Our People are thorough in the fulfilment of procedures, while demonstrating flexibility to respond to priorities.