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Product Highlight: Powerbubbles and Powerballs

Following the latest consumer food trends towards “Customization” and “Do It Yourself”, we launched Frulact’s Powerbubbles and Powerballs.


These custom-developed jellified spheres with liquid center can be made with diameters from 3 to 12 millimeters and contain flavors and ingredients like fruit, herbs, spices, seeds, chocolate, vinegar, infusions, vitamins, minerals, inclusions or made-to-order functional ingredients.


Our Powerbubbles and Powerballs are easily adapted to the consumer’s taste and integrated in a variety of food and beverages: yoghurt, milkshake, smoothie, tea, coffee, milk, juice, fruit pulp and dessert, sauce, ice-cream, topping, gin and martini.



What would you want in your custom-made spheres?

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