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In the face of the development of the current COVID-19 context, in addition to the 2nd of March statement, the Frulact working group hereby informs its stakeholders of the following additional measures:

  1. We extended the suspension spectrum of Frulact employees’ trips;
  2. We implemented access restriction to external entities to Frulact facilities, with exceptions that will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis;
  3. We reinforced operational initiatives, previously reported, for a wider range of materials and unsafe origins;
    We continue to closely follow the evolution of the situation, taking and reinforcing the measures, which we communicate here, in order to contribute more incisively to the control of possible social dissemination, ensuring the protection and health of our teams, thus guaranteeing the continuity of our operations and the supply to our customers.

All Frulact Group units are operating without any restrictions, and supply to our customers is running at normal service levels.

Portugal, March 13th, 2020