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Innovation for everyone.
Respecting knowledge.
From ingredients to market.
For nature, partnerships and FrUPeople.
In a 360-degree strategy,
it’s more than 30 years creating value in a sustainable way.

Want to find out more?
Innovating food. For Good.
The numbers
of Frulact
Our business areas:
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    Stabilised ingredients based on Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals and other specialities
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    RDI Services - Development & Innovation
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    Food Flavors
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    Plant-based ingredients

Global Entity
634 employees
+12 different nationalities
to +42 countries
Frutech - RDI Center
2,8% Investment
in RDI
+ 3 International Product Development & Innovation Centres
To be recognised as the
most innovative company
9 Business Units
present in countries
3 continents
98% of our Clients consider Frulact’s performance equal or higher than that of the competition in terms of Innovation
Sustainable Thinking
means going beyond Frulact’s limits and working toward a common good.
Sustainable Development Goals
Frulact has identified
9 Priority SDG
Frulact is committed to building a more sustainable society aligned with macro trends and different international policies within the area of sustainability. In this regard, Frulact has analysed the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and its targets, trying to identify how to contribute to them.
Of the 17 SDGs, Frulact has identified 9 that relate directly to the 10 material topics for which Frulact makes a more concrete contribution and which were named Priority SDG.
9 Priority SDG
This alignment between material topics and SDGs is mapped into the Value Chain for Sustainability presented in Chapter 3 of this report.

The contribution of Frulact when complying with the SDGs is not just a necessary responsible action. Strategically, SDGs are also relevant in risk management and company growth.
Value Chain for Sustainability
Message from the CEO and Co‑founder of the Frulact Group
João Miranda
“We believe it is by valuing knowledge that we support the future of Frulact.”