Following the latest consumer food trends towards “Customization” and “Do It Yourself”, we launched Frulact’s Jelly Pearls.

These custom-developed jellified spheres with liquid center can be made with diameters from 3 to 12 millimeters and contain flavors and ingredients like fruit, herbs, spices, seeds, chocolate, vinegar, infusions, vitamins, minerals, inclusions or made-to-order functional ingredients.

Our Jelly Pearls are easily adapted to the consumer’s taste and integrated in a variety of food and beverages: yoghurt, milkshake, smoothie, tea, coffee, milk, juice, fruit pulp and dessert, sauce, ice-cream, topping, gin and martini.

Frulact’s Jelly Pearls

Quality and safety controlled since the origin

Broad range of flavors and functional ingredients

Taylor made to consumer’s needs

What would you want in your custom-made spheres?

Talk to us.

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