Research, development & innovation centre

Opened in 2012, Frutech provides all the technical and human resources required to support our Group´s growth strategy based in RDi.

New knowledge
disruptive innovation

Our production of scientific and technical knowledge is guided by a strategic cooperation with academia and fellow institutions. Research is designed to anticipate consumer behaviour so that we can help you adapt to new patterns early and secure a share of emerging market trends.

We work across the value chain to guarantee the quality of our products and the efficiency of our processes.

Knowledge Application
incremental innovation

Our technical experts have a customer-driven mindset. Your needs shape the development of tailor-made preparations for multiple applications.

Our NPD centers are located on three continents, allowing us to cooperate with customers internationally and find the ideal solution to every challenge.

Rdi competitive advantages

Expertise across the value chain, from field to consumer

Customer driven culture

Global reach, local care

Regulatory & Application expertise

Innovative Technology

Reduce time to market