Our team the frulact culture

Frulact is recognized as an innovator, specializing in the development, industrial manufacture and supply of value-added ingredients to the food industry. Everything we achieve is the result of our people’s commitment and hard work. That’s why we invest in talent and continued professional development for employees, to attract, train and maintain unique and diverse working profiles. Our people analyze the market to anticipate trends and suggest new solutions. They are the engine of our business development and become a driving force for your growth when you partner with us. We call our people the Frulacteans!


Our people have a playful spirit; a creative and innovative way of thinking that challenges the status quo and fosters change. Old ideas are seen afresh and improved upon. New ideas are welcomed and used to fuel invention and develop better products, services, processes, and operations. This adds value both to Frulact Group and for our customers, allowing you to diversify, grow and improve profits while continuing to meet your own customers needs.


We care for our team and protect its diversity. This cultivates loyalty and commitment, the bedrock of passion and hard-work. Frulacteans share in a culture that values tradition and strong principles while embracing changes that support an ever-evolving people and planet. We are all proud to be part of the Frulact family. Integrity and honesty are paramount and enable us to build trust with all partners, stakeholders and customers.


At Frulact, our people aim to go beyond excellence, allowing us do the most for you while taking the least from our environment. We balance an obsession with creativity and food innovation with our meticulous attention to efficiency and competitiveness. This keeps us agile and able to respond to the changing needs of the food world while maintaining consistent core values of customer service and sustainable delivery. Our tireless efforts help us to develop the highest quality produce, of the highest value, and pass the benefits of better taste and better margins on to you.


Frulacteans act in accordance with all quality standards and industry demands, dilligent and precise in the execution of every task. Flexible enough to adapt to unpredictable requirements while utterly exacting so that we can also deliver consistently to your every day needs. We aim for perfection and are confident that you will notice the difference in our products and our customer care.

Working here frulact culture

At Frulact Academy our team members are encouraged to take on specific training, so that they can improve their skills and develop their career within our company. This feeds into a culture of continuous improvement, in turn helping us stay nimble, able to evolve and meet new challenges and help you meet any challenges too.


To strengthen our skills, bridge skill-gaps and improve communication with key suppliers to build sustainable partnerships

Frulact Academy

Our academy is made up of 4 thematic schools: Sustainability, Corporation, Technical and Management

Hands-on Workshop

Sessions to share knowledge with our stakeholders. Informed stakeholders make better decisions, leading to a stronger future for Frulact and in-turn to more confidence and investment from stakeholders.