Packaging Solutions

Products are delivered in the packaging that best suits our customers’ needs for our Frulact, Frusenses and Benefit brands.

Stainless Steel Container

200L | 500L | 800L | 900L | 1000L

Fluid Bag

600L | 900L | 950L | 1000L

Bag in Drum


Bag in Box

10L | 20L | 25L

Plastic bucket

10L | 20L


10L | 12L | 20L | 25L

Plastic Cans

0.5KG | 1.5KG

Cardboard Combo


Tank or Cistern non-aseptic

From customers or outsourced
25 Tons (Different size sections possible)

Our Stainless Steel container

Together with technology partners, we developed a proprietary Stainless Steel Container that is now being used by several of our clients. Among its features are:

  • Smart Data Logging
  • Real-time Location Tracking
  • Remote Measurement of Real-time pressure
  • Remote Measurement of Real-time Temperature
  • No contamination risks
  • No damage to valves