At Frulact, everyone becomes part of the “Perfect Blend” that we stand for. With over 900 employees mixing talent, expertise and experience, we are all passionately working together to create something bigger. Today, we want to celebrate our Frulacteans– because the uniqueness of each individual fuels our aspiration to excel as a global leader in natural ingredient solutions.

With just the dream of blending and high-quality products, we started producing fruit preparations in 1987, guided by the knowledge, experience, and passion for dairy products instilled by our founders.  Over time, we added flavors and plant-based solutions to our portfolio and we decided to mix our vision and entrepreneurship to this recipe. Today, we are proud to say that blending is in our DNA!

Our international journey has not only bolstered our vision but also strengthened our commitment to excellence. First with Morocco, France, South Africa and Canada, followed by Switzerland, Germany and soon the USA – our passion is greater than ever. Our goal is to create remarkable innovations for the markets and our sector.

We are proud of what we have achieved. That is why we want to celebrate all Frulacteans – because our people are the most important ingredient of our strategy. We will succeed thanks to our ability to leverage the “Perfect Blend”: mixing knowledge, innovations and cultures, propelling Frulact as a world reference! Join us in this celebratory moment and rest assured that we are committed to nurturing the growth of our people, our skills and the sector in which we work.

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