Fruit Preparations for Sports Nutrition

Optimal sports nutrition is key to achieving peak performance and consumers increasingly value and seek out products for specific needs. Hence, we proudly introduce Frulimpic, a range of innovative yogurt and drink concepts, formulated with fruit preparations containing vitamins, minerals and other functional ingredients, tailored to specific consumption moments. Frulimpic fruit preparations are not just any fruit preparations; they represent a strategic amalgamation of taste, convenience, and nutritional excellence, catering to the palate of modern athletes and health-conscious consumers alike.

To support new product development, we offer an initial range of twenty-four Frulimpic recipe ideas, meticulously crafted to yield exceptional results. The formulations boast specialized nutritional attributes for sports and wellness, aligning perfectly with consumers’ expectations. Furthermore, we stand prepared to develop bespoke solutions, tailored to your precise requirements. We welcome new challenges aimed at enhancing nutritional efficacy, functionality, and flavor.

Increasing interest in sports nutrition

With consumers seeking ‘tailored-to-fit’ nutrition, the demand for innovative, high-quality sports nutrition products is flourishing. Sports nutrition has also expanded its appeal beyond just professional athletes, now reaching a wider consumer base. This trend, known as ‘active’ or ‘performance’ nutrition, aligns with society’s increasing focus on health and wellness. In this landscape, Frulact is poised to offer comprehensive, choice-driven products that meet the diverse needs of sports nutrition consumers.

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Elevate Performance At Every Moment

Energy & Focus | Strength & Endurance | Recovery & Muscle Repair

Whether you are gearing up for a workout, pushing through an intense training session, or winding down to relax and recover, Frulimpic has you covered at every step of the way.

  • Warm Up: Formulations to take on the most intense challenges and get ready to perform!
  • Train: Formulations to aid in muscular strength, prevent fatigue and prolong endurance.
  • Relax: Formulations to ensure rapid recovery after each workout, reducing the risk of injury and helping build muscle strength over time.

24 recipe ideas…

Tailored to three key moments – warming up, training and relaxing – and spanning a multitude of applications, from spoonable dairy to drinking yogurt, plant-based products and beverages.

Our new Frulimpic fruit preparations are designed to support healthy living and fuel the body before, during and after exercise. Incorporating the preparations into your next yogurt or drink formulation guarantees a winning combination of taste and health benefits, making your product the ideal choice for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Ready to take your product developments in the sports nutrition sphere to the next level? Discover our Frulimpic recipes and reach out to us for more details!

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